Basic Studies

Feasibility report & detailed project report

Technical Services

Basic & detailed engineering

Main Power Plant

Includes steam generator, fuel feeding and firing system, condensate and feed water system, draft system, flue gas cleaning system, Turbo generator, lub oil system, Vacuum system etc.

Raw water intake system

This is for meeting make-up water requirement which includes intake well/diversion weir at water source, water pumping system, piping/channel for conveying raw water to plant end, raw water storage at power plant area.

Cooling water system

Includes once through as well as re-circulation (closed cycle) system with circulating water pump house, cooling towers (Natural draft, Induced draft)

Coal Handling system

Coal unloading system with wagon tippler/track hopper including railway tracks, stacking and reclaiming, crushing system, conveying system, etc.

Ash Handling system

Pneumatic conveying system for boiler ash (Dense/lean phase or vacuum system), high concentration slurry disposal HCSD), Hydro-sluicing system, Hydro-ejector system, slurry disposal system, Ash Pond development and management, ash water recovery facilities, etc.

Air Conditioning & Ventilation system

Centralized/window conditioning system, plenum ventilation, exhaust ventilation, air washing units, etc. . .


RCC single flue / multi flue chimney, Structural steel chimney


Power evacuation system

Plant illumination

Control system

Station earthing

Lightning protection